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    Research Center for the Cultural History of Sexuality

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    The Research Center for the Cultural History of Sexuality (formerly: The Archive of Sexology Research Center) was founded in October 2012 with central funding from the Humboldt University of Berlin. Since July 2016 it is financed completely by external funding.


    1. The first point of focus is on the years 1919-1933. The aim is to examine the cultural inheritance of Berlin’s Sexology, left behind by Magnus Hirschfeld. This theme is accompanied by the Digitization project “Der Eigene” and the funding for a Monography about the history of the Institute for Sexology led by Hirschfeld (1919-1933). Projects which have already been completed include an archive conference for Hirschfeld’s Institute (published in the Magazine Sexuologie), a reappraisal of the Institute’s academic consequences (Monography: Ralf Dose, Das verschmähte Erbe and an edition of Hirschfeld’s Testamenthefte (published by Ralf Dose) as well as a festive event with an exhibition to mark the 80th anniversary of Hirschfeld’s. death. The subprojects were funded by the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld.
    2. The second point of focus covers the period during the National Socialist regime (1933-1945) and the post war period. In cooperation with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Research Center is examining the contribution of Jews to the homosexual culture of the Weimar Republic as well as the contribution of emigrated Jews to gay and lesbian life in Israel. This project is funded by the German-Israeli-Foundation (GIF).
    3. The third point of focus covers the Cultural history of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and inter* in the 1970s. The Research Center is examining the decade between Stonewall and the beginning of the AIDS crisis as part of a European research cooperation with the title “Cruising the 1970s”. The University of Edinburgh, Murcia (Spain) and Warsaw are involved as well as Berlin. This project is financed by the European funding programme HERA (“Uses of the Past” funding line).
    4. The fourth point of focus is based on the Cultural history of HIV and AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s. In cooperation with the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld, the Research Center has obtained gifts and bequests from the first AIDS activists in order to build up an archive, which will be made available for future research. There are also plans for this archive to be integrated into the “Hirschfeld-Haeberle-Archive”, located in the HU University Library.
    5. The fifth focus is devoted to the art collection of the Jewish patron Naomi Wilzig (1934-2015). Her World Erotic Art Museum (WEAM), founded in 2005 in Miami Beach/Florida, houses an extensive collection of erotic art covering many eras and cultures. This collection will be coming to the Humboldt University on loan for a period of five years, during which it will be catalogued and researched. The loan comes with the intent to donate and is accompanied by the generous financial support from the heirs of the patron.
    Contact Information  


    Prof. Dr. Andreas Krass

    Research Assistants:

    Janin Afken (HERA-Project)
    Hannes Hacke (Wilzig-Project)

    Student Assistant:

    Maren Wachowski

    Former employees:

    Dr. Benedikt Wolf (Wiss. Mitarb.)
    Andreas Pretzel (Wiss. Mitarb.)
    Liesa Hellmann (Stud. Mitarb.)
    Luisa-Catarine Böck (Stud. Mitarb.)

    Research Center for the Cultural History of Sexuality
    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
    Institut für deutsche Literatur
    Unter den Linden 6
    10099 Berlin


    Hausvogteiplatz 5-7
    Room 0434
    Tel. +49 30 2093-70682/70655

    E-mail: kulturgeschichte-sexualitaet@hu-berlin.de