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"From the Museum of Passions" - An Exhibition Project with Early-Career Researchers

“From the Museum of Passions” – An Exhibition Project with Early-Career Researchers


As part of a project sponsored by the Excellency Initiative of the Humboldt-University, the Research Center curated the exhibition “From the Museum of the Passions. Collections on the Cultural History of Sexuality by Magnus Hirschfeld (Berlin, 1919–1933) and Naomi Wilzig (Miami Beach, 2006–2015)”, which opened on 14 May 2015. The project experimented with ways of exhibiting the cultural history of sexuality and demonstrated the potential of the Naomi Wilzig collection for academic research into this history

An international team of early-career researchers worked on the concept for the exhibition. Three students from the departments of Art History and Museum Studies and from the Institute for Art in Context (University of the Arts, Berlin) were responsible for the design of the exhibition. The team was advised by Prof. Michael Fehr, member of the executive board of the Werkbundarchiv - Museum der Dinge in Berlin, and supported by Helmut Schuster, director of WEAM in Miami Beach.

Ausstellung im Pergamon-Atrium  Fotograf: Andreas Pretzel

Exhibition Space in the Pergamon-Atrium  Photographer: Andreas Pretzel

Production of the exhibition