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DFG Project "Online Repertory of Medieval German Vernacular Translations of Latin Hymns and Sequences (Berliner Repertorium)"


The ‘Berliner Repertorium’ systematically researches both known and unknown medieval German vernacular translations of Latin hymns and sequences. Starting with the incipits of the Latin source texts, the research group identifies vernacular translations and makes them publicly accessible. An online database, which is currently being developed, will provide detailed codicological and palaeographical information about the textual witnesses as well as a digitised version of the original manuscripts and a bibliography.

As each vernacular translation has its origin in a distinct context and is thus independent from its source in form, poetics and devotional practice, the ‘Berliner Repertorium’ aims at offering a basis for research in various medieval disciplines, such as history, musicology, theology and Medieval Latin.

Since May 2017 the 'Berliner Repertorium' is online.


Project leader:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kraß


Academic staff:

Jessica Ammer

Beschka Gloy

Pavlina Kulagina


Student assistant:

Friderike Hegemann


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