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Program for the online conference "Exibitionism: Sexuality at the Museum" is now available 

The program for "Exhibitionism: Sexuality at the Museum, the international online conference which we are organizing along with the Kinsey Institute and WEAM is now online!

Find the program here.

The conference takes place online, Dec 9-11, 2021 and will bring together researchers, museum practitioners, artists, and educators whose work involves sexuality in museums, collections, and exhibition spaces.
Early Bird registration is open until October 31. Regular tickets will be available from November 1–December 9. Reduced registration is available for students and underemployed/freelance/COVID-affected.

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New blog post about the Naomi Wilzig Art Collection (October 2021)

A text by Joan Ellingsgaard Kindberg about Kamasutra - More Than Sexual Positions: In the Naomi Wilzig Collection there are many different references to the Kamasutra: statuettes and figures described as being in “Kamasutra positions”. But what makes a sexual position a Kamasutra position? Is it even culturally and historically correct to make such a distinction? Our former intern Joan Ellingsgaard Kindberg describes the history of the Kamasutra and its reception in the West and the unduly reduction of the Kamasutra as a sex handbook.


Documentation of the Workshop: Taking Museum Engagement on Histories of Sexuality and Gender Online, 22 July 2021

This knowledge exchange workshop brought together curators, museum educators, and academics currently developing digital public engagement work around histories of gender and sexuality in order to discuss and reflect on what are the hurdles and what we can gain from conducting this work online. Jointly organised by Hannes Hacke from the Research Center and Dr Ina Linge, co-director of the Sexual Knowledge Unit at the university of Exeter.

Find the documentation here.



Subjekträume goes Oberhausen

Our documentary Subjekträume about the subcultural place of Pelze Multimedia (1981-1996), is shown at the 67th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (May 1-10, 2021) and is available online for 48 hours on Sunday May 2nd from 8:00 p.m. (2nd program).

The film was created as a part of the project Cruising the 1970s: Unearthing Pre-HIV/AIDS Queer Sexual Cultures (HERA) in collaboration with the film collective TINT.

Script and direction: Kat Voss (TINT) in collaboration with Janin Afken


Digitization of the magazine „Der Eigene“: First volumes now online

The digitization project carried out together with Humboldt's university library is progressing! The first volumes of the "Blatts für männliche Kultur" (Newspaper for Male Culture) (1896-1932), the world's first magazine for homosexuals, are now online.