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  • Workshop "To be (dis)continued. New Perspectives on the Entanglements of Gender, Sexuality, and Jewishness". Together with the research group "Gender/Queer and Jewish Studies" (Selma Stern Center for Jewish Studies Berlin-Brandenburg) we will co-host a workshop for early career researchers on the multifaceted entanglements of Gender, Sexualities, and Jewishness in June 20-23, 2023. Check out the Call for Paper (deadline: May 31st, 2022).



  • Conference: Exhibitionism. Sexuality at the Museum, 9.-11. Dec 202. 

    Organized together with the Kinsey Institute (Indiana University, Bloomington), the Wilzig Erotic Art Museum (WEAM, Miami), this international three-day online conference brought together professionals from a diverse array of practices and disciplines from all around the world to explore, learn, connect, and share their experiences about this important topic.

  • Workshop: Gender/Queer and Jewish Studies. Approaching an interdisciplinary field of research. 28.09.2021. Workshop of the research group Gender/Queer and Jewish Studies at the Selma Stern Centre. Based on the observation that there is a lack of feminist and gender- and queer-theoretical approaches within Jewish Studies, the research group would like to deal with gender and critical heteronormativity research within Jewish Studies and thus support efforts to think together these disciplines, which have so far often been considered separately from each other. Further information can be found here.

  • Workshop: Taking Museum Engagement on Histories of Sexuality and Gender Online, 22. July 2021.This knowledge exchange workshop brought together curators, museum educators, and academics currently developing digital public engagement work around histories of gender and sexuality in order to discuss and reflect on what are the hurdles and what we can gain from conducting this work online. Jointly organised by Hannes Hacke from the Research Center and Dr Ina Linge, co-director of the Sexual Knowledge Unit at the university of Exeter.











  • Protected Beauty. An exhibition at the World Erotic Art Museum from 27 November 2016 to 1 March 2017. Curated by the World Erotic Art Museum and the Kinsey Institute. Supported by Indiana University and Humboldt University of Berlin.
  • Berlinale, Queer Academy Film Summit 2016, 17 February 2016, Plenary Re-imagining the Queer Archive with Dr. Nanna Heidenreich (Institut für Medienforschung, HBK Braunschweig; Arsenal Berlin, Forum Expanded, Berlin), Dr. Dagmar Brunow (Institute for Film Studies, Linnaeus University, Vaxjö, Schweden), Cheryl Dunye (Filmemacherin, Department of Cinema, San Francisco State University, Liberia/San Francisco), Prof. Martin Koerber (Archiv der Deutschen Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen, Berlin), Prof. Dr. Andreas Krass (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Alice Royer (Outfest Los Angeles; American Archive for Television and Film, University of California, Los Angeles).
    Video of the plenary



  • amori et dolori sacrum - “Dedicated to Love and Pain”. An event in honour of the 80th anniversary of the death of Magnus Hirschfeld (1868–1935) and in memory of the art collector Naomi Wilzig (1934–2015).

    The event will be conducted in cooperation with the Magnus Hirschfeld Foundation on the 14th of May in the senate hall of the Humboldt University Berlin (Unter den Linden 6). It will be followed by the opening of the exhibition “From the Musem of the Passions ­– The Collections of Magnus Hirschfeld (Berlin, 1919–1933) and Naomi Wilzig (Miami, 2005–2015) on the Cultural History of Sexuality” in the Pergamon Atrium of the HU Berlin
    Poster of the Exhibition
    Photos of the Event
  • ACT UP - Making History. Film and talk conducted in English on the 6th May 2015, 6–9pm, at the Humboldt University Berlin, Dorotheenstrasse 24, Room 1.101. A showing of the Oscar nominated documentary “How to Survive a Plague” (USA 2012) will be followed by a discussion between Peter Staley (protagonist of the film) with Corinna Gekeler on the significance of the documentation and archivisation of (hi)stories related to AIDs. The discussion will be moderated by Paul Schulz.

    The event is organised with the kind support of the USA embassy in Berlin.
    Photos of the Event
  • Presenting the History of Sexuality. Workshop on Exhibiting Collections Relating to the Cultural History of Sexuality. Thursday, the 18th of February 2015 at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin.
    Workshop Programme
    Report and Photos from the Workshop  
  • Perversion and Love in Postwar Psychoanalysis. Or: Why we should Reread Robert Stoller. Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Dagmar Herzog on Wednesday the 11th March 2015 at the ICI in Berlin. The talk was organized in cooperation with the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICI) and the Institute for Queer Theory.
    Photo of the Talk