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Report and Photos from the Workshop

Report and Photos from the Workshop


The Archive of Sexology Research Centre hosted an international interdisciplinary workshop on 18 February 2015 under the title Presenting the History of Sexuality: Representations of Collections on the Cultural History of Sexuality.

Researchers and curators came together from Berlin and across the world to discuss ideas for modern exhibition design and the use of sexualised objects in research and teaching. They shared insights into exhibition practice and their experiences in museums, as well as suggesting critical approaches to objects within the cultural history of sexuality.

This workshop was supported by the Excellency Initiative at the Humboldt University, Berlin.





Begrüßung durch Prof. Andreas Kraß


Prof. Catherine Ann Johnson-Roehr


Helmut Schuster


 Naomi Wilzig im Filmausschnitt


Prof. Michael Fehr


 Prof. Kate Fisher


Begrüßung durch Prof. Andreas Kraß