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Knowledge Exchange Workshop “Sexuality at the Museum: Educational Concepts“ 17/18 January 2019

Knowledge Exchange Workshop “Sexuality at the Museum: Educational Concepts“ 17/18 January 2019


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The workshop addressed the question how paintings, sculptures, drawings as well as everyday objects, design objects, sexual science models etc. can be used in the context of an intersectional, heteronormativity-critical educational work in the museum in order to discuss current and historical norms and concepts of sexuality and gender.

Researchers, sex educators, museum educators and curators from Humboldt-University, the University of Exeter, the British Museum, the Bode Museum, the Werkbundarchiv-Museum der Dinge, the Schwules Museum and the Alice Salomon School for Applied Science came together to present examples of pedagogical work with historical objects, texts and works of art on sexuality and gender. By combining presentations, hands-on activities and a session in the permanent exhibition of the Bode Museum the aim was to get an overview of different approaches and methods, to critically reflect on the different theoretical and pedagogical premises of sex education, museum education, curatorial practice and scientific research.

How can approaches from sex education be combined with approaches in art and museum education? How can colonial collection practices, racism and a Western art canon be examined critically and non-Western concepts of body, desire and gender be addressed? How do the findings of historical sexuality and gender research find their way into the curatorial concepts and educational programs of museums? What are institutional barriers and fears?

The workshop was organized by the Research Centre for the Cultural History of Sexuality at Humboldt University as part of the project Naomi Wilzig Collection – An Art Collection on the Cultural History of Sexuality in cooperation with the Sexual Knowledge Unit of the University of Exeter with friendly support from lab.Bode – Initiative zur Stärkung der Vermittlungsarbeit in Museen and funded under Humboldt University's KOSMOS programme.

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